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 Watercraft Wrapping 


Vinyl boat wrapping is a real option for your marine vessel. Cost compared to painting can be as little as a third of a professional spray paint;

  • Fast turnaround - Painting can take days to weeks (depending on what is needed). Wrapping can usually be done in a day or two. Saves on hard stand costs for Marina based boats.
  • Return on Investment - Cost savings over traditional methods are real.
  • Vessel Protection - Protects the hull surface from the elements, helping extend the life of your hull/topside. Reduces wear, and less maintenance.
  • Reduced Build Time - Increased vessel utilisation new builds.
  • Environmental - Friendlier material and application process. No solvents or overspray issues.
  • Product Range - Competitive costings, custom graphics, branding, sponsorship, advertising.
  • Competence - Local company trained in the application techniques, with years of experience in boat wraps.
  • Easy repairs - If your boat wrap gets scratched or damaged, repairs can be done in the water. A simple patch can fix the damage. You could even do it yourself. We have commercial clients that we have carried out repairs the boat during their standard timetable turnaround, no costly unscheduled repairs.
  • Aluminium boats - Great for aluminium boats because the vinyl lets the aluminium breath, reducing the oxide effect.
  • Competence - Local company trained in the application techniques, with years of experience in boat wraps.

Click on the below thumbnails for larger images showing examples of our Watercraft Wrapping projects.

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